Nordex is covered by various sell-side analysts. The following table provides an overview:

Broker Analyst Recommendation Target price Date
AlphaValue Luis Pereira Buy 14.50 11/18/2019
BofA Securities (Bank of America) George Featherstone Sell 11.00 01/23/2020
Citigroup Ji Cheong Hold 11.70 10/8/2019
Commerzbank Sebastian Growe Buy 16.00 11/13/2019
Goldman Sachs Ajay Patel *
HSBC Sean McLoughlin Hold 11.00 10/17/2019
Independent Research Sven Diermeier Sell 13.20 11/20/2019
Kepler Cheuvreux Douglas Lindahl Hold 13.00 11/14/2019
Metzler Guido Hoymann Buy 16.30 09/01/2020
Nord/LB Holger Fechner Buy 16.00 11/15/2019
ODDO BHF Anis Zgaya Buy 14.00 11/29/2019
Santander Virginia Sanz de Madrid Hold 12.20 10/15/2019
Societe Generale Rajesh Singla Hold 13.50 11/18/2019
*Please contact broker for details
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